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It picks me up, and I just skip over the icky parts, instead marvel at the extendo-scansion of why she shouldn't turn him home again, and light up just like you do when it's time to roll down the windows and let the wind blow back our hair.  Cuz, really, what else can we do now?

It'd been a bad day yesterday, and today I woke up at 4:30 and that was it, so there I was, coming back from a longer walk with the dog than she usually gets in the morning, somehow enjoying the clarity of the stark, crisp air with its pellet flakes bouncing sideways off my head.  Uncle Bert'd stopped and got out of the car to greet my hairy creature, even while telling me how his isn't doing so well right now.  Then, back on our turf, while we lingered out front a little and one of us smelled things vigorously and ate snow chunkicles, the screen door slammed.

Postcard of the Day


Postcard of the Day


I'm not putting the front of this one behind a cut, cuz I wanna see it more often.  :)


Postcard of the Day

See the front of the card here....Collapse )

"Message Week" here at Postcard of the Day is thanks to amw.  Thanks, amw!

ETA:  Lady Mary Jane apparently refers to a poem of one Nathalia Crane, with these lines:

   "I linger on the flathouse roof, the moonlight is divine,
    But my heart is all a-flutter like the washing on the line."


But wait!  There's more!

The whole poem back here....Collapse )

AND Nathalia was a child prodigy--- she was 10 when that poem came out. The full text of her book, Janitor's Boy,: and other poems, is available here.

(I like to think Lady Mary Jane was a-flutter over Mrs. Arnold back in Brooklyn, m'self.)

coming soon

One of my favorite movie moments of 2017 occured before some film late in the year, when yet another trailer came on, lookin' like I-dunno some fantasy somethin'-or-another, and as I shifted in my seat somehow it dawned on me that the story I was looking a teaser for might be one I knew very well.  There were three kids, yes, and three witch-like creatures in a field --- could it be?  There'd been a dad-like philosophizy science guy....   And then it climaxed with several children in their identical driveways, bouncing balls in unison, and I knew that was It.

In the half a mobile home in back of the school in which we had classes, on accounta overcrowding at Marlatt, my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Wilcox, in addition to other memorable feats (such as teaching us about base 5 and base 12 and base-whatever as number systems, and doing probability games with how many socks you'd have to pull out of a drawer of x mixed-up socks to [say] be sure to get a matching pair, and Camelotting us enough that we named our class guinea pigs "Lancelot" and "Guinevere"), read to us, in its entirety, A Wrinkle in Time.  We were so caught up in those characters and what was happening to them.  Surely it's one of the fundamental works of art that have spoken to my personal spirit.  I'm quite looking forward to the film.

It was in Mrs. Wilcox's class one day that I was writing something and I couldn't remember how to spell "of".  I knew it was a short word, and an "easy" word, and I couldn't believe I couldn't remember how to spell it, what with being a sophisticated 4th grader & everything.  It only got me in trouble to go to the method of figuring it out that had worked for words before--- sounding it out.  "UHHVV", I said in my head.  Uv.  Ove?  Like "love" without the "l"?  It was not occurring to me, as I had never noticed or been told, that "f" sometimes sounds like "v".  I kept trying to change the vowel, or noodle about some possible silent ending.  Eventually I HAD TO RE-WORD THE SENTENCE.

Once I saw it in print again, I knew I'd never forget how to spell that word.  Or how frustrating it had been to be unable to call upon taken-for-granted knowledge I knew I had once had.

It's funny, I don't really care about spelling all that much.  For a copy editor.  I used to just like knowing whether I was pretty darned sure I had a word spelled correctly, cuz that was the important info.  If not, I could look it up.  This was before machines helped with spelling (or butted in, as it sometimes seems like they're doing, especially when they're wrong [or I am being wrong or colloquial or speech-like intentionally, or coining, or w/e]).

Don't get me wrong.  I'm quite glad to have lived to the age of (what looked for a while like it was gonna be called) "word processing", and to have the internet and the ability to look up all kinds of things really easily and quickly, compared to how it was with information when I was younger.  Not to mention being able to research to satisfy all manner of curiosities without needing to ask someone or go somewhere.  Part of the fun of Learned League (in which we're just starting season 76, my 16th) is having to answer questions without the aid of the internet (or anything else).  It can put me in mind of how just-fine we can do (in the regular world with the internet) without a good memory in our independent heads.  We don't have to remember as much or as well, yet we have details and facts and the old stuff of memory weirdly available all the time, MUCH more thoroughly than before.  I tell ya it's changed our very relationship with memory, this revolution.  It's changing our brains.  We evolve with it, through it.

Speaking of LL, today I have to decide how much longer I'm going to wait to see whether the name of a certain musical finally pops into my head, vs. giving up and answering "Dang, I can't think of it. Pretty sure I didn't much like that musical; maybe that's why. I can just see a scene from the movie, too."

Postcard of the Day

Since you maybe can't just turn the card on yer computer:


Postcard of the Day

That middle initial is a G, yes?  If so, what a cool way to make a G.

Postcard of the Day


doc visit not bad

She seemed chipper and positive.  And I feel pretty good today physically, so I'm sure that helped.  My BP and heart rate were ideal. 👍  The A1C result wasn't as bad as I feared it might be.  It was higher than the goal range, but there's definitely some breathing room between it and diabetic levels.

I did find out that I've been taking a lot less fish oil than she wants me to.  It's cuz I've been using a chewable option--- a gummy, specifically.  I don't even like gummies.  But I can't swallow big things.  So for now I'm going to try chewing gelatin capsules that are super-foul (while at the same time being fish) (haha).  And soon I'll get actual liquid fish oil, and do it that way.  You do what you gotta do.

Fish oil is good for all kindsa stuff, it seems.

Our queertet got asked to sing at one of those you're-okay-EVEN-THOUGH-YOU'RE-QUEER church services.  I was gonna go along with what the rest of them want, but was relieved when one of them put the kibosh on it.  Which word I feel like should have a "y" in it.  And a hyphen, maybe.  Ky-bahsh.  I dunno.  Something about the accent being on the first syllable.

There's a strange quality of light out the window.  Makes me wanna go outside.  But not yet.

How are you?
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"What was once thought cannot be unthought."

-- Möbius, The Physicists


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