'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


So, this is this weekend:

   [promo for Noir City Detroit, since deleted]                      

The theater's about 45 minutes away.  I'm organizing my weekend around these double features and the trips there & back.  I've seen 3 or 4 of the 6 films, and one of them probably too recently too much, really.  But I don't care.  I'll see something else in it, no doubt, plus:  popcorn.  And getting out of the county!  Funny how that's my travel goal any more, compared with the more far-flung venturing I used to do.

The dog is gonna get extra attention during the times I'm not away from her for a double-feature.  I hope she'll treat those stretches like mini-overnights, and just snooze a bunch.  I can tell her all about the films when I get home.

My correction tape has arrived, so I'm better ready to type, when I get a chance.  I have a gallon of stain/sealant for the wood on the front stoop/steps, when I get a good chunk of non-raining good-temperature not-at-work time to tend to that.  Or two chunks, I guess, so we can keep using one side/set of steps while the freshly blue ones dry.  I got a replacement for a too-big hat, too, to try on.

Today I've been thinking about indulging in fantasizing about how I'd like my life to be.  I've been mental-noting that that seems a worthwhile subject to turn my energy and attention to.  But not while QCing galleys, and probably not while eating the lunch I'm about to retrieve from the work fridge (or frig, as it's known in some emails around here).
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