'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Thank you for this ordinary afternoon.

It is good to be at work, sitting in a room with people(,) fixing sentences, and noticing how many Senators have now signed on for #MedicareForAll.  My pulled buttcheek is rather a good lot better today---moreso than I could reasonably have hoped---and the stomach bug may well be on its way out.  (Just not really testing the ol' digestive system yet, much.)

I'm foggy and have a dull headache and my eyeballs are sore, but none of this is blocking my ability to feel gratitude.  General gratitude to life, and having a place in this one.

I think it was Brené Brown on the radio yesterday, saying we shouldn't keep our eyes open for the evidence of how we don't belong, but should instead (no, not watch for how we do but) carry such a sense inside us.  Access to the latter seems pretty iffy to me, or unreliable, at least, but I can see how I have the power to try the former.  The not watching for the dreaded multiplex of nonbelongingness.  Not that a body has to look hard.  But, y'know, I take it it's more a matter of conscious directing of attention.  When you can muster it.

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