'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

There's an Ingress anomaly here tomorrow.

It's pretty cool to have one come to our university town.  We have a pretty good local Resistance operation.  Seems like we'll have quite an influx of agents from elsewhere, however.  I'm pretty psyched, even though I have little concept of how it's going to go down.  But I know the zones of town it's in, and I'll pick up swag and talk to some people in person tonight.  Ordinarily I'm a free agent sort of agent.

I think I need to farm me some resonators tonight.  I'm pretty good for bursters.

But this afternoon a plumber's coming to my place, so I've gotta book home now to get everything out from under the kitchen sink and clear a path, as 'twere.

Seems like a busy spurt for me.  Things should settle down again next week.  I hope.  But there are already signs of move-in.  I'm not ready for them.  I wish they wouldn't come back to town until October or so.  But, then again, some road construction is never finished until the football watchers need to swarm, so there's that.

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