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The Midnight Movie

Oh, there was a sense of event in downtown A2 last night. I'd wanted to see Farenheit 9/11 in a crowd, a vocal audience---and that's what I got, among the packed-in throng at the Michigan, in a row of a subset of the MR Nine (plus the charming psychesdesire).

Quibble as talking heads and typing fingers surely will with the this and that of Moore's masterwork---and I could quibble, too, had I a mind to---there's no arguing with raw footage, and there's no arguing with the overriding theme of how the worst of the advantage-takers on the other side of the great class divide are screwing the people of this country as they screw the rest of the world in the never-ending quest for more money and power and privilege.

Yeah, I'd like to have seen more on the Patriot Act myself, but he does a good job with what he does there, and---as I was telling upsidedownblue just now---I'd not take a minute from the story of Lila Lipscombe. And yeah, okay, there's a cheap trick here and there, but even the usual Moore shtick of personal confrontation of the enemy on camera is reserved for a handful of occasions, and even then is used sparingly & to good effect.

So now this particular ball of resistance is finally rolling, and I'd pray it will keep rolling if I were the praying type. I'm beginning to feel less afraid to hope. Thank you, Michael Moore, for your very big part in that.

People just didn't want to leave afterwards:

afterwards outside the Mich

I wandered around the street a little, taking in the atmosphere. Animated conversation was happening all over the place. On Maynard a hot dog vendor was doing a helluva lot of business fer 3 in the morning. When I got to the Dawber, just not ready to go home & go to bed, I drove around for an hour.

And I'm not even exhausted today.

This morning a friend in (more or less) suburban D.C. expressed some doubt about whether she'll have the option of seeing the film in the multiplexes of Howard County, Maryland. Well it may not have a lot of screens (yet), but it's got a few.

Go, litel flick.

{photo by (who else?) squirrelykat}
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