'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

22/7, and Happy Anniversary to me

Art Fair, cutting up watermelon, tomato & cheese sandwich, thunderstorm that interrupts muggy and leaves muggy behind.  Seeking air conditioning, or at least a fan, every so often.  Netflix & muggy.  Lotsa fuzzy water and no deep thinkin'.

Outside somewhere.  Overdue.  Maybe drugs later (for sleep).  Sleep sooooo good.

Worry not, dear one.  Or don't worry about worrying, worry, cuz you're gonna worry, but be empowered by me/you to feel less compelled to worry, when you really don't want to.  Cuz who wants to?

A mathematician I follow points out today:  22/7 is a better approximation of pi than Pi Day.

I remembered to get rid of the storage unit key before they realized I still had it.  I ordered an orange mailbox, cuz someone knocked mine off.    I don't have two cancers.  Among others.

Inside I'm still whispering--- "Write to me."

Summertime, summertime:  sum sum summertime.

- - -
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