'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Art Fair week

Here it is, upon us.

Chorus refresher practice tonight, for performance later at (back alley corner of) Art Fair.

Was just reminded of Art Fair Bingo, and the contributions I made to someone's cards, in what it turns out, looking back, was 2005.  The way you play Art Fair Bingo is either (a) you look for the things, you mark when you find them, you win when you get a bingo--- OR (b) you just read the card and be all townie know-it-all amused about what happens at Art Fair, extra points for a sense of superiority to the visiting art shoppers.

Art Fair Bingo 2005 card 2.jpg   Art Fair Bingo 2005 card 1.jpg
(click for bigger, should you want bigger)

Most of my squares were illustrating requested concepts from a list that went out with the call.  Pretty sure I threw in ex-lover myself, tho.  These were the ones of mine I like most:


And the also-rans:


It was hard to render a sunburn in B&W.  Maybe I shoulda gone with a cross-hatching kinda thing?  Less realistic, more cartoon?

That whacky tobacky smell is less illegal than it was then.


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