'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

last night of Top of the Park for the year

I'd been thinking maybe I'd go to a late afternoon or early evening movie in the cinema for a little air-conditioning break after being out with the pup.  Then it wasn't so bad, sitting down in front of the fan.  And I see that the closing night film, once the sun's down, is La La Land.  Seems like it'd be a good film to see outside, and I haven't seen it since when it'd just come out.  So I went to take a peek at the trailer, and I remembered the other thing about it, that had me in dactyls interrupted, in a bit of verse it took me forever to leave unfinished.

right eye of emma

("A poem is never finished.  It is only abandoned." -- Valéry)

Peter might join me in a coupla uncomfy plastic chairs under the stars, tho.  And I like the idea of its outsides scenes on the outside screen. And the love letter to Hollywood.  And a couple of its production numbers.

It's a school night.  But I'm leaning toward doing it anyway.  I can take it.

We go too far in avoiding pain, yes?  Whether it's plastic chairs or most of the rest of it.  It's understandable, but it fucks things up, and causes other pain(s).

I got the fluids in the cat.  Good to be back on that horse.  Guess I'll get a few more chores in along with some supper, and see about seein' about seein' about that.
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