'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

from the big box o' postcards

Here, in partial celebration of my new default icon (postcard shot of parachute ride at Coney Island, circa 1907), are some goodies from the box of (mostly) postcards I scored at the big yard sale day in Ypsi a little while ago. First, a lovely cafeteria shot:

Kretz's, Dubuque

For more, look here:


Whacky-Color Vegas

Ft. Laud boys

That Queer Connie Francis Song

and my favorite of the whole box:

Munchen Zepp

Whacky Munich Zeppelin

There were also a few pictures in there. Highlights:

4th of July guy

4th of July guy (detail from group shot)

driveway guy

driveway guy, Sep '63

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