'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Happy Solstice lyrics

We wrote it for the winter solstice, but I'm typing it today anyway.

It has a lovely melody, if I do say so myself, tho that was all me. Also I like that we were at once celebrating and winking in affectionate teasing at the woo-woo womon thing in us and our fellows.  Time was I mighta figured that urge to include the winks was just my youthful jokey avoidance/fear of fully embracing (a) sincerity and (b) any stock-seeming package of spirituality or culture, but now I see it reflecting how I managed to explore some wimmin's ways of knowing without abandoning the other (and collectively broader) ways of knowing of this particular broad womon person who is I.

We're not witches, but we believe
in peace, love, and the changing of the seasons
So this time of year, we celebrate
We make a circle; it's great.

Happy Solstice.  Ooo ooo oo ooo
oo oo Ooo ooo oooooo
Oo ooo oo Ooooo

We're not witches, but between you and me
This whole materialistic pseudo-Christian holiday
Leaves much to be desired
The goddess put us here on earth
To get us psyched for rebirth


It's a shame it's not the Mo-oo-oon
That moo--oo-ooves
The Sun is not quite female
But, what they hey,
We say


We're not witches, but we believe
in peace, love, and the changing of the seasons
Of course we also believe in granola
And candles and incense, and
the holiness of a


It's a circle thing
It keeps happening


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