'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

derm-o & a ball game on TV

Saw the new jovial skinny skin doc with the cool glasses (Warby Parker) and the assistant I like, Jonathan, or however his parents decided to spell it.  They were great.  Smart, quick, thorough, and friendly, with my big naked immodestness and many questions, like how things are spelled.  Got lots of feedback about things and explanations and tips, and got a bunch of tags and mole-type things frozen so's they'll fall off, sometime in the next 2 weeks, during which I walk around looking like I have some red-splotch skin disease.  But the wart-like thing on my left (face) cheek that got me referred there did call for a biopsy, doggone it.  So I have to wait some days to find out about that.  If it is a wart-like thing, it's not the kind caused by a virus.

I thought to ask toward the end what she'd put the odds at, in terms of whether it's cancerous.  She said 40%.  I was like, okay, well, that's better than the other side of 50, and better than even.  But it's not as far from 50 in that direction as I'da liked.  Still, even if it is cancer, there are treatment options, and it isn't likely to kill me.

STILL, you pretty much always hate to hear something may be cancer.  I texted somebody about it from the parking lot, cuz I just wanted to tell someone.  Eventually she wrote back advocating that I not worry about it while I wait to hear the results.

I've got the Congressional baseball game on the TV.  Linda Sanchez, D-Cal, is out there now.  Short 'n' stout.  I didn't know there's be any women.  :)  The Dems are winning, last they showed the score.  They only show it at the end of innings, like in old-time TV baseball.  C-SPAN, with radio audio.

Sanchez's been having words with the umpire, over what shoulda been ball 4 (but he called a strike), and then what looked like a WAY wild pitch he said hit her bat.  And finally now she got her walk!  :D

Pinch runner going in for her.

The pitcher for the Dems, from Louisiana, Cedric Richmond, is boffo, and has also reached base every time up.  Last time on a triple that went to the warning track.  In the Nationals ballpark.  The game seems to be moving slowly, despite a decidedly generous strike zone.

Wild pitch, and it's 10-2 Good Guys.  In the 5th.

There's no skin cancer in my family, that I know of.  I spend by far more time outside than people in my family of origin did, at least while we were all living together.  I wear a hat outside more often than I don't, and I'm a sunblock user for any occasion on which I'll be out there a bit, but I haven't been putting it on for dog walks, or even the dog park or sunnier public park stuff.  When I won't be out there more'n an hour.  I may have to change that habit.

Nannette Barragan (D-Cal) just got a hit, and a RiBbIe.  She's staying in to run.  She looks like she knows what she's doing, and has a pony tail.

Early in the game when batters came up, the radio guys would say what they're known for in Congress.  Like not being a camera hog but knowing how the rules work.  Or having just spoken up on Russian sanctions and having had a lot to say about, what shall we call it, things with the President.  And then something would happen in the game and it'd be all callin' the play.  Then back to "He's on the Armed Services and Space Science and Technology committees, and represents the Dallas region."  All very blasé.

Roxane Gay tomorrow night.

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