'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


I saw that license plate today.  Michigan plate.  That kind of shenanigans would almost surely not be acceptable in Maryland.  It's the wild west up here, automotively.

Was just thinking how I have more postcard images uploaded and ready.  Had a bunch when I stopped posting them.  Just been soured on humanity lately.  Try to come out of it and something happens and I go right back there.  So it doesn't feel like it matches, celebrating postcards, or putting flower magnets on the Jeep.

Today I heard about the young woman on trial for having pressured her sorta-bf to kill himself, which he then did.  I stare at pictures of her.  Like that'll bring comprehension.  Or something deeper, in the realm of understanding.

It was recently suggested that maybe I have a kind of hangover from the marvelous parts of connection, and I was thinking how, if so, I seem just as much to have a hangover from the, what, "trauma"?  That's not quite right.  Some complicated word for a bundle of kinds of pain.

They painted the fire hydrants on my street today.  Bright bright red.  They're pretty red but not a pretty red.

After various household goals in the past few days, all I aim to accomplish tonight is to cut up the cored pineapple hunk in the fridge and to try one of the belts for the vibraphone that came in the mail.  And, y'know, eat something, walk the dog, etc.

First, a brief walkabout at the office (been sitting too long) and a little more work.
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