'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

In Iowa, even the alleys are clean.

I'd forgotten that.  It's true, at least in some Iowa cities.  I was just looking up Albia, Iowa, cuz of a postcard, and there was the Google street view, all pristine.  For a minute I thought maybe they cleaned the town square all slick as a whistle when they knew the Google map car was a-comin' (down the street oh please! let it be FOR me), but how would they know?  Oh wait.  That's right.  In Iowa, even the alleys are clean.

It can be a little disconcerting if you're not used to it.  Super-allergic people really ought to give Iowa a try (whether or not they're contrary, and even though they can be cold as the falling thermometer in December if you ask about their weather in July).

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