'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

concert day 2

I just decided not to attend the beginning of the farewell-this-town party of a couple of lesbians I really like.

It's just too much to fit it in today. Heck it's too much to get the laptop that's less than 10 feet away to make this post, so I'm using my phone. I've gotten my shower in and took the dog to smell things in the park and pretty much just have some attire and prop prep, along with dressing, to go. And futzing around before the show on things that still need attending to.

It's kinda grand to be singing songs that we've gotten together just in the nick of time. Like always.

I sure like those lesbians, tho. Bummed I probably won't see them again. The one I've talked to more is funny in a way that never seems to knock somebody else. They're smart, too, plus they're sorta old-school lesbians that remind me of people I knew back east, or just of the flavors of the subculture there, such as it has any coherence, or did.

Just heard that Trump gave a commencement address. Guess where? At Jerry Falwell's university. Sheesh, Louise.

I could sure nap again. Maybe I should re-do my schedule to allow for naps every afternoon. Then you get twice as many days in your life. Right? :)

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