'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Prob'bly we should have a milkshake, maybe some curly fries, ponder all future moves.

Third episode of the new season of Fargo and now they really have me.

I want more. Now.

Today's a day I'd suddenly had it, again, with the drama of the ongoing business of the chorus board. It was so refreshing to think I have a choice about pulling back from it (which I may well have thought of cuzza an Al-Anon speaker this week). I started imagining pulling way back, or out. If I wanna do that, soon is good. There's just one thing I'd really like to advocate for there & try to bring about, and it's a long shot: divorcing the so-called (and no longer aptly named) "Good Fairy" program, which makes it possible for people to participate without paying dues, from the "workfare" deal that's been in place for a few years now. There are so many good reasons to switch back to the old way--- to me the best of them should be good enough all on its own: we shouldn't be asking or requiring any more from people who can't come up with the hundred bucks than we do of anyone else. But I think the more pragmatic reasons and problem-solvey reasons and less-work-making reasons might have more sway. And I have a good handful of those. Yet I'm betting they won't beat out the prevailing resentment-based "they shouldn't get something for nothing" theme, along with frustration that many members don't do much or any volunteering for stuff. So if it's such a long shot, and the stress and poisonousness of the dramas are really getting to me, it's either get out or get better at not letting it get to me.

Yesterday I was on the go and super-physical. Remarkably so, especially for a weekday. Today it rained almost all day, solid, which the ducks seemed to like, and I've been mostly inside.

Both were nice. Except for the drama.


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