'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Geographical, Climate and Nature-Type Reasons It's Good to Live in Michigan

  • No hurricanes.

  • Few tornadoes, and not the strongest types when they happen.

  • Few earthquakes, and small when they happen.  Maybe not as much fracking potential, too, so less chance of frackquakes?

  • When sea level rises, it won't cover our edges.

  • It's not that hot already here, so global warming isn't making summers upwards of 110 degrees soon.

  • Don't miss air conditioning, except for maybe 20 days a year.

  • There's lotsa water around.

  • Our snow includes the wafty soft flakes you have in animated Charlie Brown shows.

  • Ticks: not so much.

  • Also no chiggers, sand gnats, giant cockroaches, or (no doubt) many scary types of snakes and spiders.

  • Plus we have black squirrels.  Which is cool.

  • Birch trees do well here.

  • You get cottonwoods, too.

  • Not a likely target of first attack with nuclear weapons.

These just off the top of my head.  Politically there are a lot of "eh" kinda things about the state.  And economically, and in terms of social justice, and other stuff like that.  Infrastructure (like most of the country).  Culture--- kind of a mixed bag (like most places).  But just being fairly free of tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes feels lucky.

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