'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

There's a new Flintstones comic book. It rocks.

I'm reading it in a shiny new online comic book reading thing (Comixology), cuz this is the 21st Century and that's how we roll.

Was thinking yesterday how I'd been enjoying the dull taking-care-of-bizniss-iness of the day.  It feels like a blessing, when I'm feeling that feeling.  I think it's still going today, as I note that tomorrow is National Pencil Day, and smile at the title of the next paper on the stack:  ``Belief merging with the aim of truthlikeness'', and have put the review I'm most looking forward to on the bottom of the pile, as a reward:  ``Ranking one million simple paths in road networks''.

The belief merging one was not fun.

Maybe I'll watch the Jim Jarmusch Iggy Pop movie tonight.  It's streaming.  I was never much of an Iggy fan or anything, but it might be good.  I saw it called "juicy and irreverent".

A spot of ennui has set in.

I want to doze off with a lover.  Some lover I have lyin' around the house, but not lyin' around the house.  As in not telling untruths around the house.  Lyin' around the house like the proverbial fat mother lies around the house would be okay, I guess, although I was thinking of the bed, and anyhow it doesn't really make a lot of sense, that old joke. Its sense was no doubt crippled by it being nowhere near so snappy to say "Your mother is so fat that, when she lies around the house, her voluminousness is situated all around the exterior of the dwelling, perhaps as if she were sleeping atop it like Snoopy on his doghouse except that she's so fat, see, that her adiposity drapes itself down off the roof in all directions---uncomfortable as that surely would be on the corners and with any sharp gutter pieces---in such a fashion that her fat body parts actually touch the ground continuously, forming a ring that thus, so to speak, lies around the house."

It's getting on toward the end of the work day.  The boss is at some b.s. workshop thing today.

Here's a picture of me my friend Laura drew on a placemat in 1987:

        LALN by LTM copy.jpg

The original's not much taller than an inch.

I still have the hat.  It's lost some of it shape through the years.  I got it at a place called Hats in the Belfry at the Inner Harbor.

Hello to you from me.

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