'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

What is *with* this night?

It's going so slowly.

Just had a stretch of sleep with a dream that ended in my suddenly noticing the silhouette of someone i hadn't known was in the house sitting in a chair (where my paint table is) in the dark. Boy did I scream, in the dream. Screamed so fierce I woke myself up. Then laid there realizing with some surprise I hadn't screamed in real life, until I remembered the sleep paralysis that makes you not move or yell while asleep--- which I could still feel holding me still. It was at an effective level, for sure.

When I could move again I found out that not even 45 minutes has gone by since I'd dropped off into that sleep from the slow hour I'd gone through before that, trying to get back to unconsciousness from the last brief drop away.

The weather is weird. The moon maybe, too. And me.


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