'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

can you fuckin believe it

Thanks to Big Fat Blog for the most outrageously stupid argument in the anti-fat scare culture I've seen in a long time: making/selling kids' clothes in larger sizes might make more kids fat---and, god forbid, make the fat ones feel less horrible about their bodies.

Here's a (foul) taste of it:

Now retailers are responding to America's growing children, offering kids fashions in bigger sizes. While kids are happy with more fashionable options, some doctors and parents worry that while the plus-size clothes help self-esteem, they could also signal an acceptance of childhood obesity.

. . . [S]ays Christi Byrd Smith, a spokeswoman for Penney's, ". . . Our customers deserve to wear something to fit in with their peers and deserve something fashionable."

However, medical professionals and parents of overweight children are torn on the issue. Yes, larger, better-fitting clothing can provide short-term gain for children in terms of self-esteem. But will the growing selection prove to be a motivation killer?

It goes on from there.

I'd puke if it weren't what the fat-phobic think I should be doing.
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