'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

the Windsor Casino ad

Okay, the Windsor Casino has a TV commercial in which they pretend they have a guy whose job is to hand out all the jackpot money, or actually any winnings. The schtick is that he's VERY busy, and can never even hear the punchline of a joke, he's so bloody busy giving out money. Like, get it?, they're ALWAYS giving out money. And then the announcer/spokesman/pitchdude comes on and says that, in the ten years since he's been doing the job, that guy's given out XX.X BILLION DOLLARS. Then they put that number on the screen for us to regard. "$42.5 BILLION"---somethin' like that.

What about how much they've taken in in that time? How 'bout they put that stat up there, too, and let us see what the overall odds are?

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