'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Postcard of the Day

But Jeep, it's not great to be wacked, in yer Jeep.  I got rear-ended this afternoon, pretty hard.  I interacted as little as possible with the other driver, who told the cop she hit the gas instead of the brake, but it seems much more likely she was looking at her phone.  I was just sittin' at the light, almost successfully home through the football traffic.  It was a bummer.

Also one of my cats bit my hand in the middle of the night.  So I'm sore in multiple ways, and staying in tonight.  Just ordered some delivery food, in fact.

My dog seemed especially happy when I got home.  Like really more waggy and tickled with me than usual.  Is that possible?  Could it really be that, and not me projecting?  Well, who cares.  And I'm mucking up my Pcard of the D with text, but whatever.  I do have a new phone.  That's pretty cool.  Wait long enough and it's like getting in a rental car when you're driving a 20 year-old beater.  The things they come up with.  They are really something, the coming-up-with-things people.

112,000 people down the street have a tie game going on with 4 minutes to play.

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