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maybe not back up texts? and other matters, life-sustaining and trivial

I've been figuring to do something to back up (save) my old text messages when I switch to my new phone, but I'm not sure.  Maybe not.  Have any of you saved old messages under those circumstances, or are you all let-it-go free & easy that way?

Poll #2054750 old text messages

Check some of these?

Of course I just let 'em go. Wouldn't even think to save them.
I've never saved any.
If it were an easy option, I might.
I'd like to save old ones.
I've actually saved some old ones.
This question doesn't apply to me for some reason, like I never text.
I pretty much never save anything.
I have a hard time letting go.
I have a hard time letting go when it matters.
I have a hard time letting go of even meaningless stuff.
It's nice outside today.
I like an all-day rain.
No one's said "Trump" to me in over 24 hours.
Fascinatin' rhythm, you got me on the go.
My Uncle Terwilliger waltzes with bears.
paw paw

Last night I was reading through some of my old text convos. In places it was really absorbing.  It was sorta bolstering.  Hard to explain.

Life is so strange.  Lives.  Lives within life.  The ongoing experience of being me in this body and spirit.  I'm spacey now, too, just realized I haven't eaten anything, oh no wait I did have some orange juice.  Flash in the pan food.  Or something like that.

Last day of Learned League this season.  The odds are good that I'll be bumped back down a rundle, having rather sucked this season, but I'm on the cusp.  It could go either way.  Meanwhile Tracy and Shmuel are each being promoted.  Today I guessed correctly what this make-up device is used for---

---plus I knew the name for a triangle with all different size sides.  I didn't know any of these:

  • Identify the baseball star pictured here.

  • Upon the completion of its full route in 1889, what were the eastern and western terminuses of the original passenger train service dubbed the Orient Express? (Note: two cities required in answer.)

  • What is the two-word title customarily conferred by a British monarch on his or her eldest daughter? There have officially been seven such title-holders, including the incumbent Anne, the oldest daughter of Elizabeth II (and her second eldest child after Charles).

  • What smash hit song, the biggest in the career of country music group Little Big Town, won both the Song of the Year and Single of the Year at the CMA Awards in 2015, as well as the Best Country Song at the 2016 Grammys (losing to Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" for Song of the Year Grammy)?

(Answers in the comments, if you're curious.)

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