'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Postcard of the Day

Yes, the Postcards of the Day have had a theme recently, you may've noticed.  My dog was sick, and I got all-about-the-dog for a stretch there.  She seems to be better now, which is a big relief, but I have a few more dog postcards to get through.  Hang in there, peteralway --- I'm pretty sure you'll like at least a couple of my pending subjects more than you like doggies.  (Not that it would take much....  ;) )

  • Postcard of the Day

  • Postcard of the Day

    I knew Paula. Only for a few years, and from something of a distance, but well enough to recognize her in what she wrote on this card.…

  • Postcard of the Day

    This is another from someone I heard tell of but never met. So last century. Brushes with the famous are mentioned in the message (click for…

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