'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

When your heart is a-flutter, do laundry.

Go to Mister Stadium and do lots of laundry.  Stand there for two hours, 98,000+ at Galaga while everything's going around in one machine or another, then folding twenty T-shirts and smooshing the wrinkles out of ten pairs of shorts, plus the jeans and the underwear and your MUD HENS hoodie.  When you notice the thunderstorm outside, go get wet with its big fat drops, and come back in to the giant fans, like you just ran through a sprinkler, polka-dotted and fresh.

Back home, leave one basket in the Jeep cuz you've carried in enough for now.  Imagine you'll sleep hard, but sit up with the dog a while anyway, bottom-of-the-bag tortilla chips and peach salsa and leftover last week's dipping sauces, all of 'em free cuz maybe the guy liked you, or more likely one of you, before she was crying, anyway, and they probably had to wonder if they were going to have to throw you out so they could go home.  Then put your feet up and let kitty-cats walk all over you, silly TV and the too-sharp edges of this angle on your laptop case, while you type something into LiveJournal about it.

Decide it will come to you later whether you'll cave and upgrade three months before the next iPhone comes out so you can play the new crazy-popular game built on Ingress portals, like you keep seeing people standing around at now like you never did before, cuz what the hell you already know where they all are around here, and you need a new drug.  Consider taking a painkiller before horizontalizing in front of the fan with the nose pillows strapped to your head and your eyes shut, cuz it'd be good to get a good night's sleep tonight, and not just cuz that woman with the go-getter name is interviewing at 9:30 in the morning, before you come home to meet the furniture delivery people with the right chair this time, you hope.

Don't worry about Dave coming, just yet.  Don't worry about that right now.  Think about Dave coming later.

Wish it were still raining, cuz you'd like some of those fat cool drops all over you just about now.

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