'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

yo-yo book poem

I took back The Collected Greed no one wanted, weeks
down with the corner freebies, its Black Sparrow tactility
and there goes Diane again with George Washington
not enough, maybe, against the all-caps deadly sin
plus that focused hissing serpent on the cover, striped & curl-poised
to pounce on whoever's just past the reader's left shoulder,
which is probably why I gave it away to begin with,
vs. the Son of a Bitch grave dancing I'll keep 'til someone else
has to deal with what remains, and why I'll give it away again,
if no one is grabbed by it and grabs it, here at the office, then
via the university town second-hand leftover mishmash
shelf-piles where I can imagine it finding its new lover,
willing to pick one thing over another, so not greedy but
quite okay with Greed, knowing how to breathe past that snake,
hold the volume in hands, and find out everything there is in there.

Tags: poetry

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