'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Motor City Pride practice to-nite

So I'll see the chorusfolk.  We have 3 summer singing things this year.  I reckon that's nice.

Just wrote up a thing about the Publish button.  We have a Publish button now.  I put screenshots in the notes, but didn't have any porn tabs open.  Included a coupla little jokes.  It's a tough room, though.  I s'pose they're pretty much for my own amusement.

Lotsa introspective stuff this past weekend.  A little interpersonal stuff, and confusion about my cautionary instincts (screwed up, dead on, or both?).  If I was ever on-kilter, I think I'm off it now.  Found a video of a soft-spoken guy I was suddenly wondering about, from someone else's past.  That really helped, in a weird way.

Then last night I read the intro of and a bit of Jung from an old (1965) volume of writings (on) The Meaning of Death from my read-and/or-get-rid-of pile.  Musta been my dad's.  I may've hung onto it as much cuzza the appealing text coloring of the cover design as cuzza the subject:

Thanks, Amazon, for the pic.
The editor/intro suggested what the internet seems to confirm:  that there'd been a loud silence on death in the then-existing scholarly world.  Here's the obit of the editor, which is interesting just to witness the existence of, in a way, plus interesting (to me) to read.  The Jung had some great stuff, tho.  A parabola.  Fear & neurosis.  Stuff.  Relaxing stuff, oddly enough.

Have an appt with a potential new primary care physician this week.  Cross your fingers for me.  I hear good things about her, but you never know, with a new medical professional.  I so hate to have to assess the whole fat-friendliness thing.  If there were one (free-access) database with info on professionals I could snap my fingers & add to the universe, it'd be one on how medical professionals are with fat people.  Not that that's the only thing I'm hoping will be good about this woman, but, y'know.

It's June of 2016.  That's where we are in time.  It's June.  The weather yesterday was glorious.  Rain then sun then rain then sun then rain then sun, and cool and crisp and breezy and yet sorta warm and not-cold.  Today, kinda hot in the sun.  Not real hot.  Just hot.

I like shade.  Shade is probably on my top ten list of things I like.  Or it's up there, anyway.  Vs. having a dark cloud over my head metaphorically, which is very much not.
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