'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Gonna have to mow soon.

Green things are getting greener and taller and bushier all over.

My work neighbor has a serious case of the multiple yawns, but so far I haven't caught them.  Does that yawn contagion not work as much when there are many yawns as when there's one?

Found out our office visit co-pays went up this year, and to a whoppin' 40 bucks for in-network "specialists", which are defined as anyone who's not your primary care physician or a pediatrician.  Since my doctor retired I don't have a primary care physician or a pediatrician.  Shall I work on my childishness, to qualify for a pediatrician?  I feel like having a tantrum about this co-pay thing, and our healthcare system in general, so that's a head start.

The tulips bulbs I planted late last fall have turned out to have been viable, despite their shabby-looking condition.  There were two varieties, so I did a cluster in the middle with one sort and a ring around them with the other.  It seems the inner circle is on an earlier magical-nature schedule than the others, though.  But that's okay.  It's all better than the prickly bush I hated that was there before, and that I channeled lotsa turbulent emotion into removing (along with lotsa muscle).

tulip combo for lj.jpg

Any more I often seem to have mixed feelings about Spring.  It's happening again this year.  What can I say.  Not much, I guess.

Flowers are pretty, however.  Flowers sometimes are very quite pretty.

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