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P.S. funny thing

I just came up from taking the soaked china and its wrappings outta the about-to-disintegrate box. You know what was wrapping some of the plates? The very towel I'm wearing in the picture with that last entry (and this one), if you're looking at it on yer "friends" page, or at the individual/comments view. And on my info page, these days, in the "trading card." I like the picture cuz it seems just like me, and I've got my belly stickin' out. (It does make me miss my belly worshipper a little.)

It wasn't cuzza the water element that I'd picked that shot for the flooded basement and cicada-heart talk. But that towel's downstairs now, semi-soppin', gettin' dehumidified and fanned at along with everything else.

It lifts my spirits somehow to come across it. I'd been thinking, looking at that picture the other day, that that towel had outlasted my mother, kept to the point of "heirloom rag," as H. & I liked to say. (Long story there, for another day maybe.) I didn't think we'd kept it this long, though. Back in the day it was one of our fancy, big beach towels. Beach towels seemed like quite the luxury then.
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