'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I Have

I Have

my Mr. Stadium shirt
in my pocket
a poem for
Poem in Yer Pocket Day
no one will ask after
in my thumb
infection pain I soak
every several hours
in hot salt H2O hoping
not to need a doc,
doc, dock, doxicology, wait what else have I

a pause to walk to the water cooler
frozen noodles nuking in the chamber
a semi-emergency appointment soon and
way too much left way too long and
a fight not to take it out on,
wail on (as they say, of beatings), me

and more muscles than not
dull warm whispering sore
from yesterday's
having quite overdone it

and knowledge and thoughts foisted on me

and an aversion to endmarks

and somewhere way down-slash-in
such love as I cannot tell you

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