'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Someone left her wallet out in the rain.

2 hours in the office parking lot, open-faced.  Getting surprisingly dirty, as well as drenched.  Stuff offa trees, I think.  A mess.  (Someone = me.)

This after I discovered this morning the dog'd chewed up a hunk of the lining of my still-new-ish winter coat.  I wasn't the most laugh-it-off dog mom about that, I admit.  I didn't even let her lick the peanut butter in her morning Kong before tossing it in her general direction; nor did I say what a good doggie she was.  Well, not after I found the coat thing and before I got out the door.

It's sloggy ucky rainy and socked in to-day.  My wrist is sore.  A few people are out at work.  The atmospherics seem to call for a nap.

Gotta do a few things at home before getting an estimate next week on a new roof.  Plus oughta arrange for another estimate, like a savvy consumer, wisely navigating the hoo-ha of her economic milieu.  Did I mention nap?  Naaaaap.

from etymonline.com:

nap (verb, intransitive)
     Old English hnappian "to doze, sleep lightly," of unknown origin;
     apparently related to Old High German hnaffezan, German dialectal nafzen, Norwegian napp.

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