'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

didn't finish the laundry, didn't give the cat fluids, didn't do some other was-aiming-to things

did do a movie and dessert, brunch, some yardwork, and some workshoppy worky work.

maybe it's the time change getting to me, but i sure feel like a three-day weekend would've been nice.

opening night of the (local long-running indie) film festival is tomorrow night.  if i skip it, that'll be two years in a row.  the opening night screening is a hodgepodge of shorts, relatively broad-audience-friendly, in various formats/styles/etc.  i like the sense of event, even if i generally skip the (extra-$) reception beforehand.  here's a where's-Waldo kind of picture i think i shared here before, of me and a date in the house, as it fills in:

film fest opening night audience 2010.jpg
[click for bigger]

maybe if i take tomorrow afternoon off.  i dunno.

in other news, bernie sanders is still a candidate for president.  or, if we're talkin' TV news, trumptrumptrumptrumptrumpitytrumptrumptrump.

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