'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

got the vehicle. i'm the Queen of Everything. plus other stuff.

it's a nice afternoon, turning into evening, at the office.  my day was kinda shifted today.

i really do just wanna go sit in my spiffy shiny super-cool Jeep.  but i have things to do here.  and i really gotta get after that script for the chorus show tonight and in the next coupla days, now that i've settled the vehicular thing, pretty much.  (it was missing its floor mats, and i'm waiting to find out when i'll be getting those, but i'm up and running and have already put maybe 30 miles on it.)

people are being so happy for me about the new wheels.  indulging my pointing out how cute it is, for instance.  even congratulations gifts!  who'da guessed leaping to indulge myself more that way would prompt my feeling the love of others, too.  also the way the thing unlocks itself as i (and only i) walk up to it is reinforcing the feeling that i am ALL THAT, with my schnazzy mobile chamber of wonders that i rule with my mere (and singular) presence.

kerri just reminded me that the movie Carol will be coming to theaters soon, finally.  i'd been seeing stills from it for a while at a tumblr dedicated to it.  thinking about reading the book last spring, or early summer--- seems so long ago.  back when i already wondered whether i'd really be seeing it as planned, come christmas, with the woman who was reading it with me.

kerri --- i should really be capitalizing her name if i'm gonna capitalize Jeep and Carol, hunh --- and then there was "christmas" there, too --- oh well --- kerri pointed out this click-worthy piece on lesbian couples with notable age differences.  it's nice to be reminded of what i really don't believe of what the world seems to default to on matters like that.  and how one of the many gifts of queerness is its nudge(/explosion) towards freedoms from way more than just the gender label of the person you love.

among people i love (but not that way), i love todd haynes.  the karen carpenter story in whittled barbie doll was a hell of a gift to begin with, and great how it slapped us with such seriousness after setting itself up like a joke, but the care and delicate touch of Far From Heaven, with its delicious queer layering of the once-(/then-)unspoken on the douglas sirk framework, made for one of my most surprise favorite cinematic visits, and has me confident that what he'll do with The Price of Salt will be dense with wonders and beautiful to look at, while emotionally taut and gloriously agonizing.
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