'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

insomnia redux

When I was a kid there was a copy of Rabbit Redux on the shelf, a sequel to Rabbit, Run, a John Updike novel.  I guess my dad had all the Rabbit books.  Anyway I thought "redux" was probably a slang term for the standard/modern making-smaller meaning of "reduced," and the misimpression stuck around a while, though what the reduction would be I don't know, like I'm John Updike and I've distilled my earlier novel into this pithier sequel?  It made a lot more sense for a series of books for the word to be about a revisiting, and I came to find out how leading back to something spun into making it smaller, and that was interesting.

Of course I'm probably talking about it in gobbledy-gookish, on accounta I got MAYBE half an hour of sleep last night.  I'm not sure I lost consciousness at all.  On top of not much sleep the night before.  So everything is fuzzy today.  Two days ago it was fuzzy when I was queasy-headachy.  Much is fuzzy.  And simpler, in my spacy stoned stuporific not soporific drowzy fuzz.  In which funny words come to me.

Drowzy feels righter with the z, but queasy is queasier with an s.

I keep noticing cars, now that I'm thinking it's soon gonna be time for a vehicular change.

Here comes Beth.  Beth and Tony have had a lot of ferret loss this year.

They got a humidifier in the other room that looks like a giant walkie talkie or, as someone over there pointed out, baby monitor.  It's, like, 3 feet tall.
So far I haven't seen it emit any humidity.  I'm thinking it's more likely an NSA listening device.

Putting that picture there reminds me that I was going to post this for you all--- it's my nomination for the worst TV game show theme song ever:

I've been looking at old Tattletaleses recently.  I liked that show when I was a kid.  The TV monitors seemed high-tech.

I already have a new nominee for worse worst TV game show theme song:

That is all for now.
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