'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Oh, look, the outage is over, at least for the moment.

Livejournal was out just when I wanted to type here.  So I noodled around and read Captain Awkward and now it's back.

I'm being a grown-up today and having professional tree service people do tricky dangerous labor (and clean-up) for me for hundreds of dollars.  They're whirring away out there.  The dog has been interested in them but is starting to get bored with it.

I got notification of a comment to a post from a few years ago about my former --- I don't even know how to describe the relationship between us.  About Dan, who had just died, and was the ex-husband of my sister-in-law, and the father to what I think are my step niece and nephew.  If my brother marrying somebody creates that relationship.  Funny thing is, I was all forthright in the post about weird family stuff, and I guess it was a public post.  I don't think I'd have done that now.  I know my brother is so way not in my world that he'd not be reading it, and it's not exactly scandalously untrue, though I did tell of this sort of potentially hurtful term Dan and another dead person used to use for incongruous or oddly arbitrary brain-fart kinda things my sister-in-law would say.  It's funny mainly cuz it's a pun, but it's not funny cuz they were making fun of her.  The older I get the more I fall on the not-funny side because why we gotta say shit about each other?  Especially when it's not like some ongoing conflict or frustration or fight is going on?

I may get myself a new dresser before real long, but I'll keep using the one I have now for at least a while longer, so today I'm chipping out old cracked pink paper lining most of the drawers.  My mother must've put it there years ago.  This is the dresser that was in my room when I was a kid.

Got the original cast recording of Fun Home out of the library.  There aren't a lot of catchy sing-along kinda songs, but there are fun Jackson 5 and Partridge Family style numbers, and the amazingly touching & funny Ring of Keys, and the fun (I'm) Changing My Major (to Joan [I'm Changing My Major to Sex With Joan with a Minor in Kissing Joan]).

A squirrel seems to have moved into a hole in the side of my house.  I may have to sit outside and watch the hole for a while to see it go out again so I can, like, duct tape over the entrance.  I hate to deprive the rodent of its stash, but better that than closing it up inside, or than having it eat its way into the interior of my closet.  Or die in there.  There's hedge trimming to do nearby.  Maybe I can do that while I keep an eye on the place.  Or concoct a one-way door it can exit by but not go back in.  That's the best idea, I think.  Mostly cuz I get to cogitate on how I could execute it.

There goes another big branch.  I should remember to tell Tracy to thank George for lighting a fire under me to get this done.  It'll be a load off my mind.  My mind likes having fewer loads, a less heaving total mass of load, etc.

Hey, I finally got my new glasses.  :)

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