'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

"You have to think for both of us"

I skipped (well, held off) (it's on the DVR) watching the end of Back to the Future III (which one I'd not seen before) to get the dog a brief adventure this afternoon, and this evening I skipped (held off on) finishing up a stage within today's stages of my tidying project to go into town for the annual Labor Day screening (free to students) of Casablanca.  I'd seen most of Casablanca again as recently as earlier this year, tho I didn't go to the outdoor showing at Top of the Park, as I imagined at one point that I might.  But wot the hell, wot the hell.

The theater was packed enough that it was warm and I didn't need the long sleeves I'd brought along despite having had a hard time believing on this hot day that I might need 'em.  I'd spent most of the day in not a lot of clothing, sweating.  Got a big tub of popcorn for dinner.  Russ was there to introduce the film, and our organ player (Steven Warner) played a little tag just before the film started, from the Marseillaise.  It's the other super-catchy tune in the movie.

Anyway, I'm finally old enough really to understand Rick, and what's going on, and what drives the plot besides the great cause of fighting evil.  IRL, contemporarily, there's rarely anything we can actually join in, like that great cause.  I've been listening to audio of The People's History of the U.S. in the car recently, hearing of resistance, knowing it's dormant here at best, for many many of us.  But politics aside, where would Rick be if Laszlo were just some guy?  Even a nice guy?  Of course then I guess there wouldn't be such thinking needed, Ilsa would probably say.  Or maybe she wouldn't.

Nobody wants to have to do the thinking.

I do like that thing about how they got back Paris.  I do like that thing.

It was good to be in town tonight.  It was good to go be among people, even strangers, after days with much solitude.  And it's good to note where we are in time, as Russ pointed out from the stage before the film, stopping short of "Auld Lang Syne" but we all knew what he was talking about.  Labor Day is the last day of the old year, after all.  And here we are.  Taking in the big breath.

Happy new year, y'all.

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