'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

One more nukable and I'll have enough for a freebie T.

I've been lazily saving "evol" points at my desk for many months.  When I get the T-shirt and look at myself in it in the mirror, it will say "love", but sort of as if someone located inside my appendix were saying it.  This is not where I ordinarily think of my inner self-love, but I'm gonna be flexible that way.

If I'd been in a committee meeting during the consideration of "evol" as a brand name, I'd have been concerned that it sounds too close to "evil" when spoken aloud, if spoken aloud.  This hasn't been a problem for me as a consumer of their frozen lunch options (which are notably cheaper hereabouts at Target vs. elsewhere), on accounta I don't have call to speak the name, but it makes me think I wouldn't want to be employed by them, what with needing to avoid saying something that sounds like "I work for evil."

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