'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I Mow; I Mowed; I Have Mown !!

I did it! I mowed the (front) yard!!

Oh, ye who think that accomplishment unworthy of double !, harken unto me: for 'Ff'lo, 'tis indeed a feat. And on a school night, too. Huzzah.

There weren't as many sticks and pine cones to pick up as I thought there'd be, but I am glad I'd borrowed the gas mower. As they say, now you're mowin' with gas. Next (this weekend, if it ain't pouring): dreaded back yard and at least some of the garlic mustard.

Some people are born yard people; some achieve yard personhood; and some---well, that last one's me. Thrust upon.

And so be it.

(Willie thought the most of our kind, after all.)

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