'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

surprise in the mail

Somebody did a sweet thing, and now I'm a member of the Madstone. Or will be when I go in to exchange my gifty thingie for the real sh'bang. See ya soon, wednes!

So kind & unexpected. I nearly cried. What made it all the better is that I've been avoiding the pile of mail, on accounta I've known the car insurance notice for the Jeep's in there, and it's going to tell me when that's due, and that's a deadline of a sort that I had hoped wouldn't need to be made a deadline. (Yeah, I'm referring to my difficulties getting H. to communicate. Not that I'm constantly trying as hard as one humanly can, as it's quite painful, and scary, but let's just say it's not me who keeps blowing off scheduled pow-wows.)

Anyway, now---like when I gave my mother the cat tree so she'd get a cat again, cuz after that gift it'd just be a waste of good money not to---I'm going to be going to the real movies again. I have to! At least some. To paraphrase some seafarer: Damn the debt; big screen ahead!

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