'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I'll lay odds.

FestiFools and FoolMoon are coming up this weekend.  The usual close-to-April-Fool's date was bumped this year by the timing of Jesus Christ Being Ris'n And The Dominant Cultural Partying Around That.  I just got another email from the organizers (of the FestiFoolery, not the Christly Ris'nry), and there was a photo of a buncha colorfully dressed parade viewers, grinning, lotsa kids, detail, happy, good-lookin'.  Sure enough, it was by the local photographer who shoots the events every year, leaving a gorgeous trail depicting the street stuff via almost entirely conventionally beautiful faces, cleanly framed and beaming, great to look at in their way but kinda disgusting in their whitewashy advertising-slick sheen and exclusion.

The shiny happy nonutilitarian childlike goofy fun, of course hoorah, look what we do, but it's just all too cleaned up and nonugly in those pictures.  There's beauty in the craggy ugly old ugly fat ugly misshapen ugly unkempt ugly possibly-insane colorful ugly, in the regularly attired people selling the newsletter of the homeless, in the curled up piece of food wrapper lodged in the corner of the pothole.  She's just too fucking particular and tidy about her celebration.  Some of her pictures shit yeah I love, but I also totally hate her.

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