'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

It's raining on the eagle cam.

This is the eagle cam in WVa I'm talkin' about.  Earlier this evening it looked like only one baby was still alive---it'd been two furry tinies and a still-unhatched egg still this morning.  But apparently mama eagle was just feeding the bigger one, and maybe all the fluff stuff she'd sorta buried the bunch in was in anticipation of the rain.  She's sure hunkered down now.

The other cam nest, in Codorus State Park (I could tell you a funny story about warring lesbians on a pontoon boat there), has a more from-the-side angle.  It has two babies too.  There's still some eggshell off at the side.

I'm more emotionally attached to the Shepherdstown one, though.  I went there to visit it.

There's sure plenty of fish to feed the little ones.  Outta the Potomac.  In big hunks awaiting distribution.

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