'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I bet custardfairy and bigfinedaddy would've known this one.

In today's trivia contest I failed to name the popular game whose board is pictured here (click for bigger):


I guessed it involved trains, and went with "Overland Express," which if it is a board game would be a helluva coincidence.

I saw the film Rawhide yesterday.  It's set at a stagecoach station.  Some actors I don't particularly like (Tyrone Power, Susan Hayward) are being held hostage there.  I like Edgar Buchanan, but he's killed off in the first reel.  The most absorbing thing about it is the face of young Jack Elam, at its drawn crazy best.  Apparently his one immobile eye was the result of a fellow boy scout, when Jack was 12, throwing a pencil at him (and the point landing you-know-where).  Ouch!  But he was an accountant before he was in the movies.  His accounting work got him into pictures.  You could look it up.

About time to go to work.  I had the morning off.  It rocks to have the morning off sometimes.

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