'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

• bullet points

  I like these new yellow highlighters at work. Sharpie, like the pink ones I've been preferring.

  I don't like the current blue pencils on offer.

  This cold morning was the second coldest on record for this date & this place.  Made me feel a little better about it.

  I love my new coat.  It is zounds warmer than my old coat.  At least 2 zounds.

  Looks like I'm gonna keep a chorus kid company, in the audience, during the fundraiser I feel too squicky about to perform in.  Feels like a solution.

  The other fundraiser is in two days.  The Queertet one, 50 bucks a head.  I'm both anxious and excited.  I want to enjoy it.  I hope to enjoy it.  I plan to enjoy it.  I aim to enjoy it.

  Some company is promoting about itself (on NPR) that it has made it is goal to change the fact that 70% of people with diabetes are living in cities.

  I could really go for some caffeine now.  MUST REMEMBER FULL CONSEQUENCES.

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