'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

The Scatological Times

I'm editing an article this week about theory and sexuality, as much as these things are about something.  Such a simple & mundane preposition, "about," for such Big Ideas.  Anyhow, this paper has a lot of anus in it.  There are 31 occurrences of "anus" in its fewer than 30 pages.  "Anal" appears a mere 15, but there is also one "anuses," and that seems quite anus-y, to me, dripping with the anal, almost too much to read without being overwhelmed by anusness.

Also, there's now an ad on television for adult-diaper-type underwear with the tag line / slogan "Because, hey, pee happens."

I shit you not.

Finally, the other day on facebook I saw a post in which one correspondent told us about his having just taken a dump.  Specifically he had just, again, as seems to happen to him frequently, for that was the point of the post, felt the need to shit in what sounded like a considerable way at a Barnes & Noble, after a meal.

I kinda stared at the computer a minute after that one, thinking we've really arrived.

Once back in the day the Harvard Lampoon did a parody of the (new, then) USA Today, and in the Larry King parody column, the stream-of-consciousness thought meandering between ellipses included, I think, that he had to pee.  ...  Maybe it was that he was hungry, and was thinking of a sandwich, or some particular food? ... No, I think he needed to pee. ... The guy was ahead of his time.

Nothing is happening with me right now in terms of bodily waste leaving my system, or getting ready to, or just have done so.  I am at rest, between exciting events.

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