'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

friend in Kuwait soon to be friend in Iraq

"Well, the inevitable has come...my Company will start running missions into Iraq full-time. We'll be starting sometime later in May. For now we're training for our new mission. Since our mission has changed we'll be also moving to another camp. It's a bitter-sweet event for me because we'll be living in tents now, but my brother-in-law ... lives in the camp I'll be moving to."

Lordy, lordy. If any of ya'll believe in these things, maybe you can be thinking about this fine woman. Not that any individual soldiers deserve more spiritual intervention than others---that's like the one side in athletic competition asking God for help or praying for a touchdown or something, right? I dunno. Guess it's just all one can think of when utterly helpless, powerless.

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