'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Got a lot done at work today.

Looking fwd to my mini-vacation.  Almost ready to abandon desk for a while.

The scab on my lawn mower bullet injury impact point is starting to come off on one side, and not ready to come off at other points, and that's uncomfortable when it catches anything, so I've had to bandage and tape it again.  The knee's also a little bad today.  But generally I've been quite mobile and unpained in getting about of late, and instead of experiencing these little things today as "uh-oh" moments, I'm taking them (if you will) in stride.  It's easier with the wound, being positive, since it's on the way to healing, and I don't feel deterioraty about it.

Olja linked on facebook to a piece about called Why Freud Still Haunts Us, and I've been thinking today about some second-guessy things, and putting it together with some notions of what "aha" fundamental human functioning the guy got at, was interested in, as nicely reduced in the article, and having some reflection around it such as one seeks another for, I'm now onto a way to look for my harmful unconscious drive that totally doesn't reinforce ever-receding levels of the self-undermining form of self-consciousness.  And it seems both hopeful and plain-old interesting, today, to me.

One way I might put it is that I'm in a good mood.  And/or space.  And looking fwd to sating my literal hunger, at least.

I was reading about acceleration today, while writing up minutes of a meeting in which a phenomenon here at the office was said to be increasing at an increasing rate.  It had me thinking about notation for acceleration, and remembering "per second per second," which I liked in high school physics, and then I was reading about how what killed Princess Diana was acceleration.  We can only take so much of it.  She wasn't wearing a seatbelt, and the acceleration (this page said) tore the pulmonary artery away from her heart.  It also said it's acceleration that makes roller coasters thrilling, not speed, and yeah, that makes sense, doesn't it.  And then Princess Diana showed up again in a chart.

So this comes to mind now cuz having hungers and satisfying them is something that can be pleasant---you know, satisfying---moreso than not having any.  Not that that's exactly like the roller coaster thing.  It's partly like the Freud thing, really, too.  Desire.

"Satisfy" has a one-of-my-favorites etymology.  The first part means "enough"; the last part is from a very basic word for "to do" and "to make".  But that doesn't begin to get at the deliciousness of the coming about of satisfaction(s).

Enough of this, now.  Dog time, and food time, and chill time, and another sprint of work day next, then none (or very little) of that or the rest of this for a while.

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