'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

a giant blanket of blue

a giant blanket of blue is over all of us up here
i was watching when it happened
the big kids had just jumped me into the grown-up gang
despite never yet as they usually require meeting me in person
so i could join the hangout huzzahs tonight
topless at the computer, sleep deprived
after two nights of no more than
altogether 3 hours altogether

picked up a token tonight
it's a token, but it feels good
a gesture can feel good
a little thing just the thing

imagine something about letting go

this is not a poem
these are just short lines
sans punctuation
sans i don't know what-all,
sleep deprived and wondering
why i wasn't horizontal yet
and then everything was covered in beautiful blue
and i, dizzy in a chair, was
alive to see it, from the swirling vertigo

one hundred thirty-two thousand
nine hundred and twelve
slime-safe mind units
including mine
can sleep without the brainwashing
this night, if they, we, i
can sleep

alright it is a poem
it's always a poem
if you consider it one

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