'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

starting a story

It was the summer of black and white stripes.

She was at once pleased with herself that she didn't generally notice these things and pleased with herself that this time she did, and right off.  It would have come to light soon enough, like those tops a few years ago that cinched right below more and more breasts until statistically it seemed every other boob was wearing what turned out to be an Empire waist, though named after what empire she never did find out.  This year, too, after enough spottings of zebra diagonals and zig-zags, horizontals and verticals, thick or thicker but never very narrow, most anyone would have noticed eventually.  But she'd noted the very first she saw, one of the flowing, long-skirt dresses that were a particularly popular variation, in some fabric that was silky but firmer than silk, though thin and taking the breeze. Look at those stripes, her mind piled on, once they'd grabbed her gaze.  Crisp; clear.  On the corner by the post office, on a pale woman with long black hair.  So when she saw the next iteration, it was already a coincidence, and just two more and she knew it was a thing.  And then they were everywhere.

This summer, she thought, as it got underway in earnest, could use some black and white.  ...
Tags: words

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