'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

drug, quest, etc.

Some sitting-still knee pain this afternoon.  Eventually I took a pill.  It takes a while to kick in and doesn't exactly make the pain go away, but it maybe (as somebody said once about some drug) makes me not mind it as much.  I wish I'd taken it earlier, on accounta maybe it would've made me not mind other stuff so much too.

I'm a bit bummed that a site I came across today for making to-do lists fun (and organizing them on the internet) is glitchy and hasn't allowed me to finish registering, let alone get started with using it.  It makes what you want to do quests, and gives points, and I don't know what-all, since I can't get going with it and they haven't yet responded to my message about it.  (Apparently they have known glitches and are very much still in development.)  It's getyedone.com and I picked out my name ([the intrepid] Goodfellow Pluck) and what kind of creature I am (halfling) and what alignment (completely neutral) (the symbol was appealing, and I like the resistance-to-value-judgments in association with getting things done).  I have all kinds of clusters of tasks I'm ready to organizing into quests and get points for on the internet.  I hope they get with it soon.

Summer is undeniably here.  First sort of depressingly oppressively muggy more-of-this-coming day, I'd say.  One of my coworkers said you can feel that it's almost Art Fair time--- that's this big mess of an annual tradition in Ann Arbor that involves lots of people, transportation interference, and heat.  This year our chorus is singing a set at a stage off toward the periphery of maybe the most peripherous of the fairs (they all smoosh together but have different characters).  I was telling somebody yesterday about how one of my favorite all-time Art Fair artists was there on South U.  It was a mechanical game fun thing as much as it was art, some would point out, but I loved it, and had I had a few thousand bucks in my pocket to spare I'd have got me a giant wall-mounted marble roller coaster art thing with all kinds of fun things the multiple-steel-balls-at-once "do" as they ride back and forth down the Mousetrap-on-steroids thing, and then get picked up by elevator things and taken up to the top to start again.  The genre of this sort of thing, I see now from my desk here, is "rolling ball sculpture."  How 'bout that.  I oughta look into this sort of thing I have a gut appreciation for.


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