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That'll be the name, taken from my mental health professional, of the first single of the band Exponentially Decaying Verblunsky Coefficients, name taken from today's editing, and greeting me tonight in a "Restore saved draft?" invitation.  There are so many good band names at work.  Sometimes I have to work not to be distracted all day by them.

I left work early today to go see a sort of offbeat Christmas music documentary.  Sort of offbeat as a documentary (but only a little), about sort of offbeat Christmas music (moreso).  I was thinking about the liking of Christmas stuff when it's hot out, and associational stuff, and how much associational stuff there is, and the pull, and the book I've been reading via Kindle app and highlighting things in that I'd be embarrassed to have anyone see I was highlighting but I guess I don't care if Amazon and Posterity chalk them up along with everybody else's highlights.

At the cinema I ran into somebody I know, a twin of sorts, in a small way, & we watched the movie together.  She didn't want any popcorn.  It was a fairly sparsely attended screening, in the big opulent main theater of the Michigan.  After we'd had a fair bit of Q&A with the director and this other guy who was also in the movie and is more full of himself (my companion leaned over at one point to say it wasn't hard to tell which was the Canadian and which was the New Yorker), the theater/festival honcho Russ came down an aisle, saying he hated to cut things short but if any of us wanted to see Do the Right Thing with Spike Lee in attendance and have Q&A with him afterwards, we could, if we'd just hustle over to the screening room, no charge, please, c'mon, just make your way quickly.  The screening room has a few hundred seats, and I guess our town didn't come close to selling them out for Spike.

I had to come home to the dog, but I remember not liking that film so much, when it came out, which I guess was 25 years ago.  I might have been hoping for another quirky She's Gotta Have It kinda joint, if you will.  It seemed ham-fisted to me.  But maybe I'd appreciate it for that now, stylistically, in a way I couldn't then.  I'm not saying I'm sophisticated here, kids.  My favorite of the Spike Lees I've seen is Crooklyn, which is all heart, sentiment, and Ooh Ooh Chi-i-ild.

As I left, some guy out front in a turquoise suit seemed to be trying to hustle more people in to Do the Right Thing.  Was there worry that we'd look bad to the big name guy, with a lousy turn-out?  We the festival, we the w/e?  I cut back through the alley and passed what was almost surely Spike's car, driver in it, wondering whether Spike would really care.  Decided so what if he didn't have that many people to talk to.  How many do you need.  Quality over quantity.  If it were me.  There's something about politeness and politics and maybe the Midwest or the p.r. or I dunno, but really if there were 17 people digging the movie and actually talking with him about it afterwards, wouldn't that be way cool, in its way?  More way cool that sold-out rows of clapping appreciators?  That room's a little like a secret clubhouse anyway.  Under the right circumstances it can feel like you snuck back there with the other cool weirdo kids who heard about there is gonna be a movie shown.

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