'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

better night than I could have expected

The boss suggested I get my ass outside (she didn't put it that way) today, it was so beautiful, and she was right. I went out and got an I. C. Caramel and a bagel from Panera and browsed through postcards at the two antique spots in Trader Joe's's (a.k.a. Lamp Post) Plaza. It did seem to do me some good to get some sun on my skin, warm air in my lungs, and caffeine in my bloodstream. I had enough juice left to say yes to squirrelykat's kind invitation to see, free, the sneak of Envy with her mom and her mom's friend. (Was that you, wednes, introducing it?)

Movie was good! Being out was good. Throat still pretty bad, and coughing nowhere near over, but coughed-up quantities possibly decreasing. Even managed to change the litter box and get the trash and recycling out. And came home to several e-mails & lj comments I haven't even finished reading yet, including a good e- from my brother ("Hitler was very bad, especially the chutzpah."), who isn't (after all) quite fully serious about leaving his wife because she's going Jesus on him (you should pardon the expression). I still feel kinda crappy physically, and it might well be another rough night of having to sit up and hack away, but my spirits are majorly lifted.

And soon---perhaps in just a week---I'll be seeing FAITH (a play) (Come hang with the Armstrong family on a Middle American Christmas Evangelical Eve. . .).

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